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Monday, 24 February 2014

Northampton Borough Council launches Android app

Northampton Borough Council has now completed the Android version of the ‘Northampton’ app, after a successful iOS launch back in 2012.

The Android app has the same functions as the iOS version, containing user friendly menus that are easy to navigate, and help smart phone users access council services whilst on the move.
Features of the app include:

• Keep Northampton tidy by reporting environmental problems to the authority. Providing a receipt and a resolution date.

• Find out your bin collection details and set a reminder on your phone to ensure you never miss a collection again.

• Contact Northampton Borough Council from within the app; get a receipt and a respond date.

• Follow the social feed for the latest news and views of what's happening in the town.

Cllr Brandon Eldred, Northampton Borough Council cabinet member for Community Engagement, said: “When we first released the iOS Northampton app, it sparked requests from several people asking for an Android version, and we were more than happy to provide this for them. “The app is cost effective and provides users with the convenience of accessing council services by a touch of a button. We hope that Android users will download this app to explore the range of services it offers, including reporting litter, finding out about bin collection dates and keeping up to date with all the latest news happening in the town.”

The Northampton app is free and can be downloaded here:

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St James End before 1965


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