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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Police non emergencies & enquiries 101 update

Local people can now report an incident or crime when they call 101.

The Victims’ Voice report identified the lack of an option for people to report an incident or crime when calling the non-emergency number.

In the past callers have been given four options, none of which were to report a crime or incident. 

The phone system has now been changed so there are just three options; if you know the name or extension of the person you wish to speak to, to report a crime or incident and for all other departments and enquiries.

Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds said he welcomed the change, which he hopes will improve the experience of victims and witnesses of crime who are contacting the police.

Adam said: “The Victims’ Voice looked at the experience of victims and witnesses of crime and one of the first things we identified was that people calling the non-emergency number were not given an option to report a crime or incident. Instead they had to select the final option of ‘anything else’.

“It immediately struck me as something we should be able to change relatively quickly and would improve the experience of those people who have found themselves in the position of being a victim of crime.

“When someone has been the victim or witness to a crime it’s vital that their experience calling the police is as good as it can be and I hope this change will make a difference.”

Superintendent Andy Cox, who manages the Control Room, he said: “We hope this will have a positive impact for those people who have become a victim or witness of crime.

“Often people calling our non-emergency number have never had to call the police before and it’s important their experience is as good as it can be in the circumstances they find themselves.”

A copy of the Victims’ Voice report is available here.

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